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As always, dark struggles to over-take light, and vice versa. Create your villain, and engulf the worlds in darkness, or your hero's to turn the tide against it.
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 1. Behavior and Conduct

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Emiko Hayashi
Emiko Hayashi

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PostSubject: 1. Behavior and Conduct   Tue Nov 18, 2014 11:14 am

Section 1: General Conduct

1.) Swearing is allowed, as long as it's in moderation.
2.) Please respect the opinions of others. Just because yours is different, does not make their's wrong.
3.)Please keep it at a PG-13 rating. If a thread is going to have mature content please label it "(Mature)" in the title.
4.) Please keep matters of a personal manner in private. Do NOT litter the forum, and CB with drama. Instead, maybe litter your PM box.
5.) There will be a post order in general roleplay. Please wait your turn during posting.
For example:
Member A posts.
Member B joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C posts.
The cycle will be updated each time someone new joins. If someone does not post for 3 days without notice then you may skip them.
6.) You may NOT kill another player's character without permission from them. This rule can be negated if you request a staff member to review the thread and they decide that you have them in a fatal position.
7.) Please respect the ALL members of the site. This means being both directly, and passively aggressive is off limits.
8.) For obvious reasons, you may not control the actions, or reactions of a persons character. This means, no auto-hit.
9.) ALL characters must be approved by a staff member, and moved to an "accepted" section before being used.
10.) Breaking the rules may result in a kick. Excessive butchering of the rules may result in a ban lasting at least a week, after which the member may issue a formal apology to an Admin, or Mod after which they will be unbanned. The right is reserved to permanently ban a member.
11.) Decent grammar is a must. While mistakes happen, and there are differences in the level of proficiency, all character apps, and content must be at least coherent.
12.) Complaints about a member must be PM'd to a mod/admin. Do NOT create a spectacle with your differences. Resolve them in private. Any complaints regarding conduct must be taken to a staff member.
13.) Please notify a staff member when a thread is completed/inactive/dead so that we may move it to the Archives. If a thread has been moved due to being inactive, or dead, and you would like to use it again, notify a Staff member to have it moved back.
14.) Loopholes. Please do not use them to violate the spirit of the law without crossing the word. It doesn't make you clever, and it will not be tolerated.

Section 2: Creation

1.) OP abilities, meta-gaming, power-playing... Just... Just don't, okay?
2.) Any important/large roles must be earned through play. You may not create a character stating he/she is the king of a planet, or anything even remotely like that.
3.) Please use the character creation templates.
4.) There will be a 6 OC limit, and only one of these characters may be a Keyblade Wielder. We ask that you keep all of your OC's at least loosely active in thread, especially if they have earned an important role.
5.) All characters must be OC's. You may not use a cannon character from ANY series, rip one off, or have a relation to them(That's right, no ship kiddies).
6.) You may play the Heartless/Nobody of someone's fallen OC, but only with their permission.
7.) Keyblade wielders may make use of only one Keyblade at a time, though they may have more than one form available for use if they have been chosen by multiple blades.
8.) If a keyblade wielder is killed, their blade may be inherited by another character at the creator of the OC's discretion.
9.) To indicate that you have read the rules please place "Our worlds have been connected" when prompted.
10.) The "Appearance", "Personality", and "History" sections of an app will be held to a 3-6 line minimum, but there is no limit.
11.) Due to the pivotal nature of planet creation, these apps must be exemplary. Please understand this is because a planet introduces new species and plays with differing levels of power. Thusly, while we don't mind approving planets relating to an anime like Soul Eater, or a game like Fable, one shouldn't expect a Bleach, or Asura's Wrath planet to be approved. OP. Please avoid it.

Section 3: Chat Box

1.) All Site rules apply to the CB for "IC", and "OOC" content.
2.)While you may label a thread as "Mature" in thread, for obvious reasons, you may not in the CB. Because of this, please move any "Mature" content to a chatzy, or other private CB.
3.) No form of spamming will be tolerated in the CB.
4.) No harassment will be tolerated either. Be it "IC", or "OOC". This includes annoying someone into posting, or approving an app et cetera.
5.) Unprecedented kicking is not allowed. I know it's all in good fun, but some people don't appreciate said fun, or simply aren't in the mood that particular day. To avoid any trouble, I'm restricting this now. :/
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1. Behavior and Conduct
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