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As always, dark struggles to over-take light, and vice versa. Create your villain, and engulf the worlds in darkness, or your hero's to turn the tide against it.
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 2. Character Stats

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Emiko Hayashi
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PostSubject: 2. Character Stats   Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:17 pm

Characters have attributes that determine who they are and how they fight. When creating a character, you get 12 points to put in the four attributes, and each attribute must have a minimum of 1 point put in it. Ratings go from 1 to 5, with 1 being terrible, 3 being ‘average,’ and 5 being amazing. The four attributes are as follows:

  • Strength(Str): Strength is a measurement of how physically strong a character is. Strength determines physical attack and is modified by weapons.

  • Defense(Def): Defense is how good your character is at taking a hit. A character with higher defense can last longer in battle, while a character with lower def needs to know how to avoid an attack.

  • Magic(Mag): Magic measures one’s ability to use, you guessed it, magic. Those with a higher magic deal more damage with magic-based attacks.

  • Resistance(Res): Resistance is how well your character is against magic. A character who is more resistant can bounce back quickly after being hit by a wave of fire or something.

There are two more important statistics: HP and MP. HP measure your character’s physical health and ability to shrug off potentially lethal blows, while MP measures how often a character can use their Abilities before running out. Between the two statistics, you have 300 points to put into them. The default assumption is 150 HP|150 MP. You must place points into these statistics in multiples of 10.

Note that if a character runs out of HP, they are dead (Non-lethal fights may be stopped at 1, while a character running out of MP passes out from a complete lack of energy.
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2. Character Stats
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