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As always, dark struggles to over-take light, and vice versa. Create your villain, and engulf the worlds in darkness, or your hero's to turn the tide against it.
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 3. Combat and Encounter Rules

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Emiko Hayashi
Emiko Hayashi

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PostSubject: 3. Combat and Encounter Rules   Fri May 29, 2015 10:03 pm

  • Combat: Combat is fairly self explanatory. You use your abilities, weapons, and magic to widdle down your opponent's health, and/or sustain yourself. You are required to track your HP and MP every combat post.

  • Encounters: There are enemies of light as well as dark in every known corner of existence. To partake in an encounter, you may partake in an encounter by making a roll in the Encounter thread in resources. Be sure to include if it will be an easy, medium, or hard encounter.

    Getting caught in an encounter isn't limited to when the person controlling your thread rolls for it. An a enemy may appear in any IC topic that isn't a Faction, or planet Stronghold. You never know when a bored staff member might rain down heartless on your party.

    Different enemies to different damage.

    Minor(Shadow)= Their level does damage equal to the same level weapon -5
    Moderate(DG Soldiers)= Their level does damage equal to the same level weapon
    Major(Nobody Berserker)= Their level does damage equal to the same level weapon +5
    Superior(Darkside)= Their level does damage equal to the same level weapon +10

  • Encounter Rewards: Encounters are the easiest way to rack up Exp and munny. When you defeat an enemy, you get munny equal to the enemie's HP x5. Depending on the type/species, you get a Certain amount of Exp.

    Minor- 400
    Moderate- 800
    Superior- 1600

  • Bonus Wheel: When you take down an enemy, you have the option to roll a bonus wheel for extra loot. The rewards are as follows:

    BONUS REWARD (Per encounter)
    1-10: 100 Munny
    11-20: 200 Munny
    21-30: 100 Munny, 100 Exp
    30-44: 200 Exp
    45-59: 300 Munny
    60-64: 300 Munny, 300 Exp
    65-79: 400 Exp
    80-94: 600 Munny
    95-100: 500 Munny, 600 Exp

    The rolls must be made in a Bonus Wheel thread in the resource forum.

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3. Combat and Encounter Rules
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