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As always, dark struggles to over-take light, and vice versa. Create your villain, and engulf the worlds in darkness, or your hero's to turn the tide against it.
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 Keyblade's and Their Weilder's

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Emiko Hayashi
Emiko Hayashi

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PostSubject: Keyblade's and Their Weilder's   Sat May 30, 2015 8:42 pm

How is One Chosen?:To start, no OC may begin play with a Keyblade. Anyone can earn a Keyblade, and it takes no experience to do so. To be chosen by a Keyblade, one must make a 4500 word, 5 post thread where the they are chosen for whatever reason. Be it pursuit of knowledge, courage, or whatever else depends on the Keyblade and the player. This thread may have more than 4500 words, and 5 posts, but must meet that minimum. Other players may be in this thread, but their word/thread count will not count towards the goal.

The Power of the Keyblade: A Keyblade is given an advantage over other weapons. A certain versatility. Similar to the HP/MP system, a Keyblade may spend it's power in increments of 5 between Magic and Standard damage. Each must be at least 5. To determine the number of points available for this take the rank, and add 50%. This means at rank one, a Keyblade can have a Standard damage of +10, and a Magic dmg of +5. At rank 5, it may have a Standard of +50, and a Magic of +25, or even as much as +70 in one or the other! The type of magic allowed is determined by the effective rank. Meaning Rank 2 magic is allowed if the player has given a +20 to magic dmg, and so on and so forth.

The Weight of Power: Due to it's obvious advantage, the Keyblade has a proportional weight of 50%. That is to say, increasing the rank of the weapon will take an added 50% proportion to the ranks exp, and word count requisites.
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Keyblade's and Their Weilder's
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